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08/23/2103-"@Gspiliadis:FYI. I'm up 110k with this service in 2 weeks.
Now in gld, slv and nugt "- George Spiliadis

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Hi Bob….Nice picks last night….Great Job!
You are quite accurate picking the market moves from day to day! -Robert

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Hi just wanted to say thanks for saving us subscribers!
on a few of those trades last week!
Those real time updates were crucial!! - !
Scott Shanle 10 Year NFL Linebacker(Saints7,CowBoys2,Rams1)

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Your rules in how to trade has definitely helped me be a better trader
- Mark Tran

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You did exactly what you advertise,You are very transparent
on your successes and the picks that don't work.
If the person using your service has the time and follow you they will be successful
-Paul Hess

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